Explosive: Reggae Singer ‘Denyque’ Naked Photos Leaked On X-Rated Website

Jamaican Dancehall artiste Denyque is the latest victim of a possible hacking, after nude photos of her appeared on a website, notorious for a lot of angry boyfriends wanting to get back at their ex girlfriends!

The website shows pics of several Jamaican women in the nude, and Denyque is the first known celebrity to fall victim to this. The alleged hackers have even been accused of attempted blackmail as they offered to remove the pictures for a sum of money. The obviously upset Denyque issued a statement later via her Publicist.

Read Denyque’s statement below! 

Sometime last week, a rouge blog appeared on the blogosphere and began posting revealing, nude,and personal photos of women. During this time, the operators of this shameful blog threatened to reveal similar photos of me which they obtained by hacking into my personal computer and phone.

Late last night, the blog posted a personal and revealing photograph of myself and I believe it is time for me to respond to this with the facts of the photographs that have surfaced.

The photographs were taken sometime in 2009 and were NEVER sent or otherwise distributed to ANYONE. They have remained my private property.

Let me be CLEAR that these photographs were also taken when I was in a committed relationship and that both myself and my partner, at the time, remain equally puzzled and disappointed at the surfacing of these photographs.

My management team contacted the operators of the blog on Friday of last week, and asked them to remove the photos or face legal consequences to which the operators of the blog, under the name “Nadine Stewart”, responded with scoffs and laughs.

My manager emailed them again and asked them to remove the photos, to which they responded and a MALE called from an “unknown” number, with a demand for $50,000 to remove these photographs. I have refused to comply. There is simply no way I will stand for blackmail and extortion. Absolutely none, and I have since reported the matter to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

What about the other ladies on the blog? How do they begin to re-assemble their lives after these hackers and scammers wreak havoc? What happens when this wretched person decides that $50,000 is no longer enough money? What happens when the blog CONTINUES to post these illegally obtained photos and continues to destroy people’s lives? I will not stand for that. I will not support it.

I am prepared to be the voice of all the innocent women who are being exploited, I refuse to sit back and be silent! It is clear that the operators of this blog harbour a great hatred for women and the idea of privacy that all consenting adults are entitled to. It needs to be shut down and the operators jailed.

I have accepted that as a person in the public eye, I am held to a higher standard of judgement, but I do not accept that I am not allowed the same privacy and space. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the persons who have offered me their support, compassion, love and well wishes. I feel truly honoured and blessed. Notwithstanding I will continue to be an advocate in defence of the innocent women who have suffered at the hands of this cruel act.

Management Contact:
Jade Lee

Note: Pictures like this won’t be posted on Nickie Leaks, but you can visit the website here.


Explosive: Reggae Singer ‘Denyque’ Naked Photos Leaked On X-Rated Website — 3 Comments

  1. oh dear god kill it with fire why do people like this crap!? It’s just winy and so damn iraiirttng . that one that ‘raps’ at the beginning couldn’t of sounded more bored and unenthusiastic if she tried all it seems to be to me is one big fashion contest regardless of actual singing ‘talent’ ps, if this is what they sound like with all that special music technology, I dread to think what they sound like without!!

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