Is Azealia Banks Throwing Shade At Nicki Minaj?

Young Money Rapper, Nicki Minaj has a lot of haters that’s no secret! But could she be attracting the green eye of Universal signee, Rapper Azealia Banks? Beef has been a part of Hip Hop for as long as anyone can renember,  but will Banks follow in the footsteps of Lil Kim?

Azealia took to twitter today to throw subtle shots at someone unamed, coincidentally hours after Nicki Minaj dropped the video for her new single ’Super Hoe’ which appeared to be paying tribute to a few icons in the industry like Grace Jones, GaGa and Shakira to name a few. Nicki Minaj’s Barbz have speculated that the Head Barbie In Charge may very well be hinting at future collaboration in her Super Hoe video. It remains to be seen if they are proven right.

Peek Azealia Bank’s tweet below, do you think she’s throwing shots at her Minajesty?


Is Azealia Banks Throwing Shade At Nicki Minaj? — 41 Comments

  1. Asszela need to watch her stupid mouth. Don’t nobody care about her pathetic ass trying to ride Nicki on her come up. Bitch fall back! All da fucking way back. It’s Barbie Bitch!

  2. I seriously hope this idiot Assela is NOT following in the footsteps of Kimpanzee. She don’t want it with Team Minaj. Trust!

    • Team Minaj ain’t sh#t. They get slayed on a daily base by Team Kim. LMAO. Y’all weak and can’t even defend ya fave right

  3. Azalea needs to quit throwing shots. Shit is not cute especially when Nic could give a damn #realtalk. No need to climb onNics bigshoulders to get ahead, just do u and maybe ppl might start to like u apart from ur handful of fans

  4. Aww look at the lil barbz and kens mad because azealia is speaking the truth about nickis wack ass lmao she with kanye just got signed to universal the media loves new faces she is good too so its bye bye to nickis bipolar ass hahahahaha

    • Your ass is the bipolar one if you can’t see what that chick is doing. She will never have over 8 million fans on twitter and millions more on facebook. Her ass needs to keep dissing to stay relevant. Barbie is EPIC and always will be.

      • U clearly dont know your fave. Nicki CAME UP dissing everyone, and is still doing so to remain relevant and promote her wack, pushed back album hence Stupid Ho

  5. Some artistes NEED to hate on others to reach anywhere. Hey it worked for Kimpanzee, so Asslea is just trying ah thing. Lol

    • Hey, it worked for Sicki MANaj too huh? I mean 7 going on 8 years dissing Kim. It must hurt she has to dedicate her entire, soon-to-be-end career dissing a legend like Kim. #ouch

      • Your ass is pathetic. Kim’s career is already dead!Aint no reviving it. Nicki’s is taking off nicely. She is the #1 Rapper in the world. 5 million views in 1 day for a vid could only mean youre a mega star.

  6. Oh and UMAD, thanks for reppping Nicking by spitting her verses ; ) Y U MAD lol. And us Barbz appreciate the dislikes toocause this means they tuning in and paying attention, but we know they not the handful of Kim fans but GaGa fans is pissed too so they helping. We know Kimpanzee don’t got that much fans.

    • The words “you” & “mad” weren’t invented by Nicki. People were using them before Nicki. I mean damn, too much of Nicki’s music killing your remaining brain-cells. Like seriously…. it’s embarassing

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  8. You know, this girl Asslea is beginning to get on my nerves for real. At first I was excited that we were getting another female rapper to the game but her attitude is becoming a total turnoff. #notinterested

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